About Us

Who we are

Market research is not easy, but it's not impossible. We specialize in conducting syndicated research and create reports that will help the client grow through it. As a result, clients across the globe can rely on our unbiased and broadminded research that can give them enough insight to make their next move. We cater to a world that has no boundaries when it comes to real insights to help you find the best innovative solutions with the most integrated data that can make it easy to compare. You can get to know everything that the world is doing in every industry.

Everything about industries and much more in just one platform. We support our clients to formulate game-changing business policies to achieve sustainable growth in whichever market domain they belong to. Our team of excellent analysts who work like none other gives clients the inputs through an excellent deciphering of the market pulse to make strategic decision-making effortless.

Our Goals

Every company, whether it might be a fortune 500 enlisted one or a startup looking to spread its wings in the market requires data and analytics. Our goal is to cater to this wide spectrum of companies that are in need of extensive reports and contribute to their growth and success by providing them with valuable insights.

Our Mission

  • To provide extensive research and consulting services to our clients.
  • To enhance the competitiveness of our clients across different geographies in their respective industry domains.
  • To enable our clients to meet their business goals by providing them assistance in developing their business strategies & tactical implementation.

Industries we serve

We have a holistic approach in market research to bring about the most trusted reports for various industries - no matter how large or small, how complex or unique, worldwide. We assist our clients in accomplishing their results with deep-analysis that we conduct to identify problems and address it. Our partnership incorporates knowledge that assist our clients to emerge successful in the market and help them to tap into emerging business sectors to have a head-start.


Medical Devices





Food & Beverages

Energy & Power


How are we different

  • Strong syndicated business arm through which we publish market reports that have been extensively researched by our in-house team of analysts.
  • Our unique solutions cater to every business segment, irrespective of the size of the organization (from start ups to established firms within client’s budget).
  • Ad-hoc research requests relating to niche information to simple data collation through secondary and primary research.

Product Benchmarking

Ad-hoc research requests relating to niche information to simple data collation through secondary and primary research.

Research Supporting Database

We will enclose the supporting statistics of the particular data, which has helped us to provide the meticulous and reliable market study

Analyst Support

24x7 services will be provided by our analyst with any sort of concerns/ issues regarding the project

Why choose us


We follow a unique research concept i.e. QCQ (Qualitative, Competitive, and Quantitative) to develop and pre-determine myriad solutions subjected to the specific comprehensible solutions/proceedings that are depleted with utmost precision.

Industry Outlook

Expected creation of new capacities, projected financial performance, price movements of commodities, demand-supply balances, or gaps. All the geographies are not just limited to developed and developing nations!!

20% Free Customisation

We offer an exclusive 20% Free Customization for our Clients to poise the necessities & niche.

24x7 365 days support

Trifacta data is widely known for providing excellent 24*7*365-day support for all industries. We monitor, discern, contemplate, analyze and mend the typical problems that require the intervention of Experts.

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